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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

What a great movie!!!

What a great movie to watch!!

Nice, romantic, daring.. what more can i said..

"Sex and the city the movie"

Its truly abt friendship and love..
I love how they are always together when happy & sad time, how they dress up themself, the wardrobe was really gorgeous!!, how they express their love, hate, happy, sad..and the censored part....if you married.. then its o.k for me.. hahaha..

Totally awesome!!! I loves it so much.. hahahah..

Even though this was a 2008 movie, but i just watched it.. what a waste of time, right??
i should watch it when it still on the cinema..

(i'm watching it in the office o.k...dont tell my boss..(as if she didnt read this.. hahahah))..
Till the next movie...

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