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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

UniKL BMI Family Day 2009-Holiday Inn Batu Feringgi, Penang - DAY 1

This year Penang it is.. 11/12 - 13/12/09.. Holiday Inn Batu Feringgi, Penang..
Last year Pulau Pangkor (it was awesome, what a blast!!!heheheh)

DAY 1 (11 Dec 09)

The journey start at 9 am from our house.. and we meeting the wironda at tapah around 1030am (as previous entry)..Punyalah ramai org kt RnR ni.. mcm blk raya plk..
So the convoy start.. we stop at RnR bkt gantang for our lunch and fueling..

We decided to take the ferry instead of the bridge on our way to the hotel.. We reach the terminal around 2pm and luckily its friday.. so not many people/cars around.. hehehe
The weather was so nice.. panasss beb.. hitamlah teman..
let's check out the pics..
Tambang ferry = rm7.70..
quite cheap and berbaloi2..
perak tk pernah naik ferry penang.. hahahah..
Ferry yg kitaorg naik nama dia Pulau Pinang (what a coincidence kan..)

Gambar2 dlm ferry..oh ya.. hubby didnt bring his DLSR.. so.. all the pics are from my cute camera ya..
Awek2 dlm ferry.. fiza and ziey..

Fiza, ziey and sal in Wi.. Rohaida n family in Ron and me myself n I with mr hubby in Da..

Get it??? WIRONDA... hahahahah

Its abt 20 min journey..nice..

Penat giler driving..
Sampai2 je terus check-in.. our room is 929..
Views for our room.. Nice...
The hotel quite nice (5stars lah katakan).. but to get to the eating place (coffee house n ballroom) and to the beach we have to cross the road or take the bridge..for both of us o.klah.. for those with the babies and stroller.. penat gak beb..

Later that evening.. we had our walk along the beach.. nice and sandy beach..
There's a lot of xtvt along the beach.. paragliding, horse riding, bananaboat ride, jetski..mcm2 lah.. and the mat2 n minah2 salleh berjemur.. hahahah

oh ya.. the sand castle competition.. we joined Aswadi, Zuhaimi,Yeop and Has group.. its not a castle actually.. its a turtle.. but maybe bcoz of that.. we won.. 2nd place beb.. hahaha..
Nmpk tk our turtle tu.. hahaha..

Penat2.. tp best.. main2 air ngan sara..basah jgk lah aku..

Dinner plk.. the theme for the night is Bollywood.. o.klah.. ramai jgk yg pakai mengikut tema.. tp dinner tk grand sbb 2 tmpt yg berasingan..
coffee house and ballroom.. so tk nmpk sgt lah kan..
Us that night.. tak bollywood langsung.. hahaha..

Abis je dinner.. kitaorg g jln2 kt street market along the way kat hotel area tu.. macam Petaling Street.. tp PS jgk yg best.. that night we bought the fridge magnet and pedang samurai( dh lama mr hubby usha benda tu.. hahaha)
Ape2lah.. janji mr hubby bahagia.. heheh
tgu sambungan utk day 2 plk ek..

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