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Monday, 8 February 2016

7th January 2016: Alma is 5 years old

Been busy lately, that why this is the first entry of 2016. Happy new year even its already February. heheheh..
Its Alma 5th birthday last 7th January. She been waiting for this birthday because for her 5 years old is really a big number. 
She got an early birthday "big gift" in December, we went to the magical place: Disneyland Paris. its not only Alma, the inner child in me also..heheheh.. we enjoyed our time in Disneyland so so much.. we spent 5days 4 nights in Paris with my angah family. a lots of the pics are in my fb tho. 
ok, back to her birthday story; As usual we order the cake from Asda for her birthday celebration at school. why? because its cheaper for that size of personalize cake and of cause the taste is yummy too. Worth every single £. mr papa did the design of the cake.. Alma in her Cinderella dress in front of sleeping beauty castle.. heheheheh..
since the cake is for the school, so I bought the cheap £2 sainsbury choc cake for the celebration at home, we did pretend the big cake for home celebration too.. heheheheh.. 
 I am 5 years old.. big girl already.. 
Alma with her cake and presents
with mama and papa..

Oh ya, the present, she been aiming for the birthday present since I can remember, but I did promise her I will buy for her when her 5th birthday.. its Twilight Sparkle from BIB (build a bear).. dont ask about the price.. if you convert it to RM off course I wont buy it.. hahahhaha.. 
so Alma, we hope you like the gift so much and do take care of her and always and always be grateful of what you have. 
May this 5th birthday of yours bring you boundless health, infinite energy, never ending smiles and immeasurable sunshine.   


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