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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Masak-masak di rumah...

Monday, December 7,2009-12pm

On leave-reason-car service-glenmarie shah alam
pic = service on progress..

After that, singgah kat 1Utama.. my favourite place (last time,time single mingle)..

I reach home around 3pm..and start cooking..

its a long time since i update abt my cooking/dishes.. so here goes..

1st - "Daging masak kicap serai" actually this is a rendang daging recipe, minus the 'santan'(cholesterol beb!!) and plus the 'kicap'..heheheh..sedap...

2nd - "Tempe and Cendawan goreng"
3rd - last but not least - "coleslaw"
Yang penting kepuasan makan seorg suami...hahahah
My hubby likes it..

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