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Monday, 30 November 2009

i did it!!!

When boss not around and no work to do (ist??)

Did u notice or not?? finally i did it.. hehehe

nothing actually, just an addition to this blog..

My very own blog signature..


so from now on, every entry will end with the signature..


Isn't he cute or what?????

He is an adorable limited edition OCTO - "The OUTLAW"

How to get it??..
Pay bill thro' cimbclick maaa... so easy..and its

Thanks CIMB.. nice doing bisness with u.. hahahaha

Perutku sakit...

Adoi lah....
Sakitnya perutku ini...

bila nk pregnant ni???

(kan best kalau perutku se'flat' ini).. hahahahah... mimpi je lah ainor ooiii...

Friday, 20 November 2009

December 2009

A lot of activities this coming december..
A list for references (nnt lupa lak)..

1/12: Short course: Endnote - Bibliographies Made Easy - An Introduction and Fundamental Applications, BMI

7/12 - Servis keta sbb nk g penang nnt

11 - 13/12: UniKL BMI family day : Holiday Inn, Batu Feringghi, Penang


21 - 24/12 : Subject Development Workshop, Tiara, PD

28 -31/12 : Short Course - C and PIC Microcontroller Interfacing, BMI

So, basically.. i'm full this december.. Ingatkan bila student cuti, lecturers blhlah cuti@ngular...heheheh

Ape2 pun, enjoicessss...

Monday, 16 November 2009

Done with the marking!!! Yeahhh!!!

My table...
ni sikit je ni.. paper "microwave communication" ada 15 students je.. Paper "microelectronics" ada 43 students..

So im done with the marking and key-in..
Microwave Communications ada 1 student fail.. Microelectronics ada 9 students fail.. sedih..

Salah aku ke?? Tak kot.. salah student.. i did my best lecturing+tutoring them (even give bonus questions + marks) itu pun diorg tk leh buat jgk..


But anyway.. im satisfied for what i did this semester..
To all my students, redha je lah ek.. Usaha lebih sikit next semester.. jgn malas2..

Sunday, 15 November 2009

One day trip to Melaka...(14/11/09)

On a fine saturday morning.. a day trip to melaka (ayer keroh only)...

Basically we supposed to go to melaka (MICET to be specific) to bring back all my sis stuff.. end of semester lah...
So alang2 lah kan.. its only abt 30km more to Ayer Keroh..
3 of us (the purpose of bringing my sis together, so that she can be our so call photographer... hehehe)..
Our agenda is to visit only Taman Mini Malaysia & Mini Asean and Taman Buaya..

1stly, Taman Mini Malaysia & Mini Asean. Entrance fees = rm12 for adults + rm3 for camera (camera pun kena charge???)..

The above pic is the description of all the malaysian houses from up north to sabah n sarawak.. nice..
A lot of pics taken by me (by my sweet camera), hubby n our photographer..hehehehe.. i did the photoscaping of the pics.. takkan nk letak semua plk kan..

These are our pics snaps by my sis.. yg paling interesting, rumah Sabah n Sarawak.. mostly made by bamboo.. nk naik pun gayat.. tangga kayu bulat.. takut jatuh beb..

hehehe... inilah photographer kitaorg yg interframe sekali.. tgk tu fanatik PERAK!!!.. org peraklah katakan... hehehehe

The mini Asean is not well maintain.. sayang btl.. the houses quite nice and unique.. Maybe bcoz its quite far from the entrance..
Penat berjln satu malaysia n asia.. hehehehe...

2ndly, Taman Buaya.. Entrance fees = rm5.. ni murah n berbaloi2.. hehehe
Masuk2 je ada buaya tembaga yg di awet.. besar gilerrr...

The most happening event.. The crocodile show.. Terrer lah the trainer.. the boya is too fierce.. scary beb.. Aksi2 memasukkan tangan n duit ke mulut buaya..

Nak jgklah bergmbr ngan the buayasssss... heheheh.. There a lot of species of crocs in here.. yg paling interesting are the alligators, no tails and "hunchback" type.. nmpk tak hunchback tu???

Ganazzz beb... tgk trainer dia bg mkn the crocs lg scary...

Overall.. it was an awesome day!!! Thanks for mr hubby bcoz agreed with the trip and thanks to the photographer tk bertauliah (my sis) heheheh...

Nnt kita g jln2 tmpt lain plk..

Till then...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

The cartoon of us...

Cantik tak?????? heheheheh

A salute tu "nud's" a gila-gila (magazine yg top era 80's and 90's) cartoonist..
We did this last saturday..(since we trapped in giant batu caves bcoz of heavy rain/stormed)..

Price?? rm10 per head o.k.. (head count) so total rm20 lah..
worth it, bcoz we love it..hehehe

Mmg dh lama nk di karikatur kan muka ku ini (since last time i went to pesta buku kt pwtc, tp time tu tak sempat, Fiza je yg sempat dikarikaturkan)... so.. what a coincidence kan... yelah tu.. hehehe..

so.. its just the two of us.. bila ada baby nnt, kita buat lg ek.. hehehe


Renaissance Melaka Hotel (-MRM- 9th till 11th November 2009)

This is the second time this year for MRM (mgmt review meeting) UniKL BMI.. Organized by IA/ISO section (my section - automaticly me n ziey are the secretariate)..
The first time was in Cameron Highland (somewhere in April... i think) and this one was in Renaissance Hotel, Melaka..

Firstly, let comments abt the hotel itself.. situated in the middle of bandar melaka..
Nice view bcoz our room is in the 20th floor.. since we r the organizer, we got the suite... nice.. with welcoming fruits n chocolates..but.... the toilet..... sucks... there were no pipe/host for the toilet bowl... susah beb... very the not alert.. kan...

The function room (7th floor).. nice, with good PA system and the rich replenish of stateonaries, sweets and mineral water...
Luckily the toilet in this floor o.k... (ada pipe/host ek)..

Food.. o.k lah.. yg penting ada cheesecakes.. yummy..

Overall, this MRM met the objectives...
so enjoy the picss.. gmbr2 kt swimming pool cannot put here lah beb... sensored*&^%^(&*$#!

Kusyuk tu discuss... yg pakai tudung purple tu.. my boss (kak saw)..

View from the room.. di kejauhan (terrer BM aku) kalau nmpk lah.. "eye of Melaka"..

Ni gmbr2 masa nk blk, wanita2 yg tgal, car pool 2 keta.. my boss kononnya nk konvoi smpi tol exit, tp pecut tak ingat... hahahahah..

Thn dpn kita g MRM lagi ek.. to my boss... jgn tgal daku... hehehehe

Flat tire....... (6/11/09)

Luckily i was still at my house carpark... its 7.15 am o.k..
I suppose to invigilated that day and there was an audit (MQA tu..) on the same day..
So... EL lah... pity for Fiza.. CI for the day yg lambat... sorry2..

To change the flat tire.... me???? no way...
so, i'll wait for my syg lah..
but unfortunately, the screw n nuts are so tight*** urghhh..
(or maybe the techniques are not right.. hehehe..jgn mare ye ayg..)
me myself lg tk tau ape... hahahahaha

so end up, he called the "tire man"... he change it with the spare tire then brought the spare tire to the workshop.. there was a nail in it and the tire itself already leaks..
thank goodness i'm still at the car park..

these are the pics of the tire n my hubby trying to change it...
to my boss, the evidence of me EL is in this entry ek.. (kena attach ngan form ke?.. hehehe)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Penat otak!!!!

Entry ni utk student2 ku yg br lepas exam paper aku....
hari ni (5/11/09) paper microelectronics.... mgu dpn (11/11/09) paper microwave comm...

so entry ni utk student diploma ye (microE).....
adusss penat otak aku nk marking paper diorg ni... nak kata tk bg tips, aku bg dh.. kalau aku yg jd student, sure aku score..
Bila aku kata subtopic tu masuk final, maksudnya masuk lah.. haiyaaaaaaa... dh tu kalau dh tau masuk... study lah.. ni jawab mcm tk study je.. adusss...

ikutkan hati, malas nk marking.. marking paper bdk2 yg tentu score je..
handwriting masing2 dh lah cantik sgt... haiyaaaaa...

whatever it is...
TULUN............... AKU KENA MARKING GAK!!!!!


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