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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Sunway Piramid.. Gossip Updating..hahahah

Date: Last friday - 4th December 2009
Attendance: Kak Zura, Eda, Fiza, Me, myself and I.
1. Bowling
2. Mkn2
3. Gossip updating from october to december..hahaha
4. Photoshoot

Again.. only 4 of us.. Amani can't join.. not feeling well.. anyway congratzzz bcoz the 2nd baby is on the way.. heheh

Its full of laughter and tears (gelak byk sgt).. i won o.k (walaupun tk dpt strike.. mcm ada org tu..hahaha)
Our pic taken my the indon girls next to us (inul and lilik)..what a name.. hehehe.. thanks inul..

"Mkn2" plk..
We had our lunch at Kenny Rogers (kak zura choice) and then the dessert at baskin and robin.. (there goes my diet!!!!).. thanks to kak zura..

The photographer of the day...

since its my blog.. so i post my pic only lah ek.. selebihnya.. check out at eda's
We really had fun.. hope will be together2 again soon...
Since then... adiossss..

C ya...

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