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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Batik Treasure Hunt, 6/12/09

Our first official Malaysia Treasure Hunt.. chewahhh...
3 of us (Rohaida, Fiza and me myself and I)..
We start our journey of treasure hunt since 2005 (organized by BMI) and BMI family day 2007 treasure hunt.. we won both hunt o.k..

Inspired by that.. so we decided to take part in public TH.. hahahaha
so.. here we come..

Batik Treasure Hunt 2009 - 6th December 2009 - Taman Tasik Perdana, KL
Really2 exhausted... Entah berape km kitaorg jln tau..Im proud of myself.. hahaha
The questions???? haiyaaa.. giler tricky.. 105 questions...
Questions will be scan later..
Bila dh reveal the answer.. giler kalau dh experience dgn type of questions like that o.k kot..
The winner tu blh dpt "102 out of 105" questions tau.. We all dpt 55 je..hahahah 1/2 je.. bolehlah.. first try beb..
ada 3 check point/pit stop.. ada general questions abt batik, ada game di checkpoint 1 and 3 and ada treasure utk dicari..
Overall???? good exposure and calories burner.. hahaha

Oh yaa... at the start/finish point, astro celebrities are there to entertain us..hehehe
Ramai lah.. azrul raja lawak is the emcee of the day.. there's mawi. jimmy, farah, adi, dina, hani, razlan...

Another thing... Lucky Draw... i got MPH baucer worth rm15 only.. heheheh... o.klah dari takde..
"My lucky number"
Grand prize dia laptop and airasia ticket beb..

Awesome!!! Exhausted!!!Nice....

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