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Thursday, 2 July 2009

TRANSFORMERS - Revenge of the Fallen...

Giler BESTTTTT!!!!! I'll give them 5 Stars beb!!!

Yesterday (Wed 1/7/09) me and hubby took leave just to go and watch this movie. We watch at GSC 1Utama, early morning show - 11.00am

It's a 2 hours movie and its really2 awesome!!! Compare to the 1st movie, this one, a lot and a lot of action (CGI) + i really love the GSC caramel popcorn.. hehehehe

My hubby is a great fan of optimus prime.. me??? i prefer bumblebee.. nice..

Overall, i had a great 'dating' day with ayg.. Thanks..

Can't wait to watch 'Harry Potter' -half blood prince- next month.

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