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Monday, 27 July 2009

Birthday oh birthday...

Had a really good/nice birthday this year...

at first, it was quite sad, becoz my hubby not around again... (last year i celebrated my birthday in HKL - hubby got a motor accident & this year he had a course in Klang)
But to my surprise, he did get me "the present"... I LOVE YOU!!!!!

so.. i celebrate this year birthday at my hometown, tapah. We are planning to do the kenduri arwah + tahlil for my dad that night. The sad part - on this 31st birthday, i cant celebrate it anymore with my beloved dad.

i bought a black forest cake in tapah, and my bro also bought a SR cake - banana choc ( my niece chose that) - thanksss... so we got 2 birthday cakes.. we also had nasi ayam for lunch (cook by my SIL)

the best part is when the 'singing + candles blowing'. the kids enjoying it so much.. even my 1++ years old nephew really singing.. hahaha..
i am 4 years old according to my niece bcoz only have 4 candles.. hahaha
(pic taken by my bro... forgot to copy the pic.. later k..)

but not yet celebrate with my ayg.. hehehe.. nk g dating tgk harry potter nnt..

and not forgetting all the birthday wishes i got from my friends from smses, emails, friendster, geni and facebooks.

I love you allsssss......... Thankssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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