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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Crocs Warehouse Sale!!!! Ikano 30/4 till 3/5..yeahhh

Crocs Warehouse Sale!!!! Ikano 30/4 till 3/5/2010
giler best.. myself n hubby reach there at abt 10am.. not so many people yet.. but still need to line up to go in.. while line up.. one chinese lady chit-chatting with myself.. she said.. she already came yesterday n bought 3 pairs.. she said its really cheap.. so she decided to come again today..haiyaaa...
so.. pics before entering... hehehe
we decided to go separate ways.. myself went to ladies shoes n hubby to his lah kan.. giler crowded.. everybody like just grab the shoes.. ..
but.. haiyaa.. cant get size 7 n 8 for ladies yaa.. myself terpaksa ambik size 9.. but o.klah.. only 1size bigger.. same goes with mr hubby.. no more size 10 or 11.. himself only got size 12.. hahaha... but men shoes lg byk design compare to ladies shoes..and they say.. at 230 they will top up the stock again..
the best part is the kiddies shoes.. so many design available.. pttlah parents kat situ mcm org giler grabbing all the shoes..
so myself got 2 pair of shoes.. n mr hubby also 2 pairs.. actually he want 4 of them.. gilerr kan.. but i said.. next year we come again ya dear.. hahahah... dia plk yg over shopping tau..
Masa kitaorg kuar tu... line td dh mcm ular.. punyalah panjang.. nasub baik kitaorg dtg cepat..

So.. hasilnya:
Mr hubby:
Tideline cvs choc = rm100 from rm209 and viking brown = rm60 from rm169
Audrey red/navy = rm35 from rm129 and mary jane choc =rm40 from rm129

till the next warehouse..


notti netti said...

wah! harus pergi...but only can make it on the 3rd la....(before nie dah tau...tapi takde geng :(......)

Me, Myself and I said...

pg jgn tk pg...hehehe..
u ni mmg suka shoesss kan??? marveloussss...suka tgk u n ur shoes..


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