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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Happy Birthday Sayang.. 17th February 2010

Happy 32th birthday sayang... tua dah ek.. heheheh..
nothing much to give this year.. last monday dh lunch kat MFM, so this time, cake session at home..
First the card n birthday present.. hehehe..
mr hubby pilih sendiri jersey ni.. beli kat pertama.. o.klah kan.. punyalah lama memilih.. so choosy tau.. penat temankan mr hubby shopping..
The cake - secret recipe.. this time totally cheese beb..Mr hubby selain giler ayam.. dia juga giler cheese... so..
2 of blueberry cheese, marble cheese and oreo cheese and 1 of choc cheese, expresso cheese, lemon cheese, caramel cream cheese, hazelnut cheese and cheese choc.
the whole cake need 12 slices, since there are only 9 type of cheese cake so have to take extra lah to complete the whole cake.. giler cheese..hahaha
oh ya.. n KFC (special request from si giler ayam) for dinner.. nasib baik tak eat lunch.. the cheese cake?? only one slice je yg kitaorg larat mkn ek.. share plk tu.. so simpan dlm fridge dululah.. mkn slow2..
so.. happy birthday sayang.. may we cherish our love forever n ever..
Love u

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