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Friday, 19 February 2010

Balcony oh balcony...

My lovely house have a very small yet cute balcony.. hubby previous owner gayat.. so diaorg tk take care of the balcony well.. so quite dirty n muddy.. heheh..
So we decided to put tiles at the balcony area to transform the looks.. heheh.. actually the balcony was meant to be the smoking area for mr. hubby. The plan after this is to buy a garden chair (dh survey pon, tgu duit je..hahaha) to complete the looks of the balcony itself and for mr. hubby to lepaks...
Checks the pics.. turn out to be so nice and cuter.. heheh
o.klah kan.. yg buat balcony ni bangla muslim, husin n hasan.. Rajin btl diorg ni.. berenti mkn pun tk.. cuma mkn roti je.. semua sekali termasuk upah n barang2 almost rm700. The renovation took 2 days.. 17th n 18th February 2010.

Overall.. me n mr. hubby satisfied with the works. so from now onwards, selain jd tmpt ampaian.. balcony tu akan menjadi lubuk asap.. hahah.. pity the balcony..

oh ya.. before i end this entry.. enjoy the view from my balcony..
enjoys.. till next time..


ahkakbatik said...

nice pics...

care to share pakai photo software apa?

Me, Myself and I said...

tq. pakai "photoscape" je.. download free je.. google photoscape ek..


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