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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Renaissance Melaka Hotel (-MRM- 9th till 11th November 2009)

This is the second time this year for MRM (mgmt review meeting) UniKL BMI.. Organized by IA/ISO section (my section - automaticly me n ziey are the secretariate)..
The first time was in Cameron Highland (somewhere in April... i think) and this one was in Renaissance Hotel, Melaka..

Firstly, let comments abt the hotel itself.. situated in the middle of bandar melaka..
Nice view bcoz our room is in the 20th floor.. since we r the organizer, we got the suite... nice.. with welcoming fruits n chocolates..but.... the toilet..... sucks... there were no pipe/host for the toilet bowl... susah beb... very the not alert.. kan...

The function room (7th floor).. nice, with good PA system and the rich replenish of stateonaries, sweets and mineral water...
Luckily the toilet in this floor o.k... (ada pipe/host ek)..

Food.. o.k lah.. yg penting ada cheesecakes.. yummy..

Overall, this MRM met the objectives...
so enjoy the picss.. gmbr2 kt swimming pool cannot put here lah beb... sensored*&^%^(&*$#!

Kusyuk tu discuss... yg pakai tudung purple tu.. my boss (kak saw)..

View from the room.. di kejauhan (terrer BM aku) kalau nmpk lah.. "eye of Melaka"..

Ni gmbr2 masa nk blk, wanita2 yg tgal, car pool 2 keta.. my boss kononnya nk konvoi smpi tol exit, tp pecut tak ingat... hahahahah..

Thn dpn kita g MRM lagi ek.. to my boss... jgn tgal daku... hehehehe


ceqziziey said...
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ceqziziey said...

Wah Bestnye time ni...enjoy even xjejln pun..hehehe...anyway nice ar akak nye blog ni...i have to improve n explore more 4 my blog...heheheh...


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