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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Flat tire....... (6/11/09)

Luckily i was still at my house carpark... its 7.15 am o.k..
I suppose to invigilated that day and there was an audit (MQA tu..) on the same day..
So... EL lah... pity for Fiza.. CI for the day yg lambat... sorry2..

To change the flat tire.... me???? no way...
so, i'll wait for my syg lah..
but unfortunately, the screw n nuts are so tight*** urghhh..
(or maybe the techniques are not right.. hehehe..jgn mare ye ayg..)
me myself lg tk tau ape... hahahahaha

so end up, he called the "tire man"... he change it with the spare tire then brought the spare tire to the workshop.. there was a nail in it and the tire itself already leaks..
thank goodness i'm still at the car park..

these are the pics of the tire n my hubby trying to change it...
to my boss, the evidence of me EL is in this entry ek.. (kena attach ngan form ke?.. hehehe)

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