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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Happy Birthday Papa ;-)

Hari ni 17th February 2011.. birthday mr hubby yang ke 33..
tua dh ek.. hehehe
Tahun ni hadiah dh awal2 mr hubby dpt.. hehehe 7/1/2011..jadi mr papa.. hadiahnya Alma Muzfirah lah.. hadiah yg paling berharga n susah nk dpt tau... tak ternilai ngan wang ringgit.. btl tak??
nk beli kek.. mama still dlm pantang.. opah tak bagi keluar lagi.. hehehe

this romantic poem dedicated just for u my love..

As the Sun rises on your Birthday

I will think of you
and be reminded of
how grateful I am.
That of all the people
in the world
You chose me
to spend your life with.


To my Darling Husband

You are the 1 that I care for
more and more each day…
You are the 1 that 1 think of
in such a loving way…

You’re everything I love Darling
You’re all my dreams come true,
And as time goes by,
I fall in more love with you… love

Happy Birthday


You are not the air that I breathe,
Nor the sounds that I hear,
You are not the food that I need,
Nor my will to survive,


You are the sweet scent that surrounds me,
The music that fills my life with joy,
The nourishment that feeds my soul,
My reason for living,

I am so lucky to know that you are my husband

Happy Birthday Sayang….

from mama n alma.. we love u..

1 comment:

Suryana said...

hepi besday papa.. ewah aku pun pggl papa blh? haha

anyway kayno, congrats. cute baby ko!


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