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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Blueberry Muffin...

Saturday... at home..
plan to go to the museum.. but hubby not agreed.. isk3..
so.. morning.. spring cleaning time..we decided to redecorate/rearrange our honeymoon suite (bedroom lah)..then..sweeping, mopping the whole house.. mcm lah rumah besar sgt kan.. hehehe..
so after lunch at IM(IbrahimMaju..mamak lah).. went to Selayang Mall.. window shopping.. jln2.. burnt the mamak calories.. hahaha
Back home around 3pm.. then we decided to do some baking... hahahaha..
so.. here is goes.. all the ingredients we bought at Bagus, KD.. lama dh..
Ingredientnya ialah:
Muffin mix blueberry 500g, Eggs 175g, Water 113g, n Vege. oil 140g
its so simple beb.. then..
Mix all for 3 mins at low speed.
then.. bake for 15-20 mins at 120 - 200C.
So quick n easy.. see even mr hubby also can do it.. hahaha..
so.. tarra.. presenting.. my first blueberry muffin...
sedap!!!! its really good for tea time.. tmbh2 time hujan ni..hehehe
so try ek..
till then..

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