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Thursday, 29 October 2009

How often you wash your car???

This is our beloved car - WPX5700

Back to the title... so??? how often do you wash your car???

Depends right... since our house is an apartment, so its quite difficult for us to wash/vacuum n whatsoever.. so we chose to wash at car wash of course....

Kalau ikut my hubby, everyday dia nk cuci keta ni.. giler??? men n car!!!
For me, kalau dh kotor sgt brlah cuci.. ni susah pakai keta kaler hitam.. btl tk???

Lucky for us, car wash nearby its only cost us rm8.. siap vacuum o.k.. so o.klah kan.. and byk choices of car wash but most of them are indian.. tp o.klah malaysian indian drpd banglas.. kan???

So... the pics are from the not so latest (date 17/10/09) car wash session. Rasanya this week kena berkunjung ke car wash lg..

So friends.... how abt u guys????

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